It became apparent early on that our scholarship kids were interested in going further in their training than our Cub would allow. Earlier this year we started searching for an airplane they could complete the Private, Commercial and Instrument licenses. For the ones that are off at an Aeronautical Universitiey, we needed something to lure them home in the summers. We decided on the Grumman AA5 series for a couple of reasons. Its economical, fairly quick, and a great training platform that we can bling out with a glass cockpit and other hi-tech gadgets. Thanks to a generous grant and private donations, we found this spiffy little low time Traveler that should fit the bill perfectly! Besides, whats not cool about flying an airplane that you can slide back the canopy in flight! Grumman Aircraft has a long history of naming their aircraft after Cats... BearCat, HellCat, Ag-Cat (My Favorite airplane ever) Tiger, Cheetah, etc. Its going to be very interesting to see how this little feline mixes with the other old dogs in the hangar.